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IPO Subscription Live

IPO Subscription Live Report

The IPO Subscription Live report provides you a quick navigation on how much current/ongoing and past mainline IPOs have been subscribed in the market. The report keeps users updated with the total IPO subscription percentage on both the stock exchanges - BSE and NSE across categories i.e. QIB, NII, and RII. The subscription status helps the audience to assess market sentiments or total participation in a particular IPO.

IPO Live Subscription

IPO BID Date QIB NII RII Total IPO Status Close Date
Trident Lifeline SME IPO26th Sep 2022 17:010.00x0.07x0.06x0.06xOpen29th Sep 2022
Steelman Telecom SME IPO26th Sep 2022 17:010.00x0.04x0.49x0.18xOpen29th Sep 2022
Insolation Energy SME IPO26th Sep 2022 17:010.00x1.00x5.65x3.32xOpen29th Sep 2022
Mafia Trends SME IPO26th Sep 2022 17:010.00x2.31x2.97x2.64xOpen27th Sep 2022
Maagh Advertising And Marketing Services SME IPO26th Sep 2022 17:010.00x0.00x0.04x0.02xOpen29th Sep 2022
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  • Containe Technologies SME IPO22nd Sep 2022 18:590.00x155.12x86.33x121.31xClosed22nd Sep 2022
    Varanium Cloud SME IPO20th Sep 2022 19:020.00x5.83x5.09x5.46xClosed20th Sep 2022
    Maks Energy Solutions India SME IPO20th Sep 2022 19:020.00x36.20x16.43x26.31xClosed20th Sep 2022
    Kandarp Digi Smart BPO SME IPO20th Sep 2022 19:020.00x0.88x2.80x1.84xClosed20th Sep 2022
    Annapurna Swadisht SME IPO19th Sep 2022 19:0218.34x301.13x225.54x133.43xClosed19th Sep 2022
    Harsha Engineers International IPO16th Sep 2022 19:02178.26x71.32x17.63x74.70x[email protected]16th Sep 2022
    Ishan International SME IPO14th Sep 2022 19:020.00x1.60x1.65x1.62x[email protected]14th Sep 2022
    Tapi Fruit Processing SME IPO14th Sep 2022 19:020.00x1.93x3.32x2.62x[email protected]14th Sep 2022
    Sabar Flex India SME IPO13th Sep 2022 19:020.00x116.46x54.47x85.47x[email protected]13th Sep 2022
    Mega Flex Plastics SME IPO9th Sep 2022 19:020.00x52.86x39.75x46.31x[email protected]9th Sep 2022
    Shantidoot Infra Services SME IPO9th Sep 2022 19:550.00x2.36x3.33x2.85x[email protected]9th Sep 2022
    Viviana Power Tech SME IPO8th Sep 2022 19:020.00x97.47x72.95x85.21x[email protected]8th Sep 2022
    Tamilnad Mercantile Bank IPO7th Sep 2022 19:021.62x2.94x6.48x2.86x[email protected]7th Sep 2022
    Virtuoso Optoelectronics SME IPO7th Sep 2022 19:020.00x112.87x80.95x96.91x[email protected]7th Sep 2022
    EP Biocomposites SME IPO5th Sep 2022 17:300.00x21.58x15.44x18.51x[email protected]5th Sep 2022
    JFL Life Sciences SME IPO30th Aug 2022 17:020.00x6.19x11.66x8.93x[email protected]30th Aug 2022
    Jay Jalaram Technologies SME IPO30th Aug 2022 17:020.00x18.56x11.38x14.97x[email protected]30th Aug 2022
    Ameya Precision Engineers SME IPO30th Aug 2022 17:020.00x259.16x243.53x251.35x[email protected]30th Aug 2022
    Dipna Pharmachem SME IPO30th Aug 2022 19:540.00x0.78x4.75x2.77x[email protected]30th Aug 2022
    Dreamfolks Services IPO26th Aug 2022 17:0270.53x37.66x43.66x56.68x[email protected]26th Aug 2022
    Rhetan TMT SME IPO25th Aug 2022 17:430.00x2.18x0.76x1.47x[email protected]0025th Aug 2022
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    Zerodha FAQs

    When you apply in small HNI your IPO application must be between 2 to 10L Rs. In case IPO is oversubscribed in Small HNI category, allotment will be done via lottery. Size of each allotment will be fix to min HNI category size which usually are 14 lots.

    So in that case you have invested 2,00,000 or 9,99,999 Rs, the one who is selected in lottery, will get 14 lots only.


    Small HNI Category is between 2 to 10L and Big HNI Category is above Rs 10L IPO application. When oversubscribing, both the category will have 14 lots allotment. The only thing is small HNI will have lower allotment change because of higher subscription whereas Big HNI will have more chance of allotment of 14 lots due to lower subscription.


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