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Current Right Issue

Current Right Issue in market - Current and Upcoming Right Is Details, News
Right Issue Dashboard presents a quick navigation through all the upcoming, current and closed Right Issue of Indian Stock Market. Take a quick look at the Right Issue Open Date, Close Date, Record Date, Issue Price and other relevant information on this one page. Further, click on the company's name to get in- depth detail review and key information related to Right Issue.

Current Right Issue in market

Issue Price Record Date Open Date Close Date Listing Date Status Rating
Evoq Remedies10AwaitingAwaitingAwaitingAwaitingUpcoming3.5
Alan Scott Industries30AwaitingAwaitingAwaitingAwaitingUpcoming3
Ellora Trading18AwaitingAwaitingAwaitingAwaitingUpcoming3
Earum Pharmaceuticals2AwaitingAwaitingAwaitingUpcoming3
White Organic Agro10AwaitingAwaitingAwaitingAwaitingUpcoming3
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  • Earum Pharmaceuticals2AwaitingAwaitingAwaitingAwaitingUpcoming3
    Shukra Pharmaceuticals202nd Dec 202215th Feb 202328th Feb 2023AwaitingUpcoming3
    Heritage Foods520th Jan 202330th Jan 202313th Feb 2023AwaitingUpcoming3
    Indowind Energy1213th Jan 202327th Jan 202310th Feb 202328th Feb 2023Open3
    Markolines Pavement Technologies16717th Jan 202327th Jan 20239th Feb 202324th Feb 2023Open2
    Family Care Hospitals123rd Jan 202323rd Jan 20237th Feb 202321st Feb 2023Open3
    Rajapalayam Mills56930th Dec 202218th Jan 20237th Feb 202323rd Feb 2023Open3
    Pacific Industries13911th Jan 202319th Jan 20232nd Feb 202315th Feb 2023Open2
    Visagar Financial Services130th Dec 202212th Jan 20232nd Feb 20231st Mar 2023Open3
    Vaxfab Enterprises183rd Jan 202318th Jan 20231st Feb 202316th Feb 2023Open3
    Jet Freight Logistics16.2511th Jan 202320th Jan 202331st Jan 202313th Feb 2023Open3
    AKG EXIM1216th Dec 202229th Dec 202225th Jan 20236th Feb 2023Closed3
    Quint Digital Media5022nd Dec 20229th Jan 202324th Jan 20233rd Feb 2023Closed3
    Anjani Portland Cement19716th Dec 202230th Dec 202219th Jan 20231st Feb 2023Closed3.5
    Thambbi Modern Spinning Mills1016th Dec 202229th Dec 202212th Jan 202325th Jan 2023Closed3
    Gyscoal Alloys2.7523rd Dec 20222nd Jan 202312th Jan 202327th Jan 2023Closed3
    Hatsun Agro4198th Dec 202219th Dec 20229th Jan 202323rd Jan 2023Closed3
    Family Care Hospitals123rd Jan 202323rd Jan 20237th Jan 2023AwaitingClosed3
    RSWM10016th Dec 202223rd Dec 20226th Jan 202318th Jan 2023Closed3
    Samor Reality2511th Nov 202212th Dec 202230th Dec 202216th Jan 2023Closed3.5

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