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20 Reasons to Trade with 5paisa

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  • 20 Reasons to Trade with 5paisa

    A new market occupier, 5paisa, emerged in 2007. It is a discount stock broking firm which is a sub-division of IIFL, one of India's biggest financial companies. 5paisa, which is a new branch of IIFL group, emerged as the fastest growing discount brokerage firm in India. The company though doesn't operate through any branches, but with the help of IIFL Branch Network, it acts in the collection and submission of forms. Though being a youngster in the marketing world, 5Paisa already had originated three domains in financial ecosystem-Online trading, insurance, and Mutual Funds. They offer commodity trading too. In this article we are going to discuss why 5paisa is best and what are the 20 reason to choose 5paisa as your stock broker.

    Top 20 Reasons to trade with

    There are many other established discount brokerage firms, who was holding supremacy over a wide span of time. And 5Paisa needs exceptional qualities to stand out as unique among them. Still being morphed with every, already amended aspect, they are successful in gaining popularity across India in a short span of times. They have their unique features and reasons, which would make people love to have a trade with them. Top 20 reasons to trade with 5Paisa are discussed below:

    1. Ideas for fast money making

      Now anyone can make money easily by the virtue of 5paisa, as they provide earning through referral benefits. For each and every successful account opening via referrals will make you cash of up to 1,555 INR. That’s not the end! If anyone registers with the Partner program of 5Paisa, then they can become liable for Referral fee for a lifetime.
    2. Lowest brokerage charges

      Whether you are placing an order of lakhs or crore and gaining huge profits over them, you pay just Rs 10 brokerage per trade..
    3. Time-sensitive account opening

      With the flashing of eyelids only, and paperless procedure, you can open an account with 5Paisa. Just the credentials required are Pan Number, Aadhar Number, and your Bank account number and you are good to go within 15 minutes.
    4. Help at every stage

      Once you become an integral part of the 5Paisa family, you will be availed with expert support at every level of your trade execution.
    5. Robotic advisor

      An extremely tech-savvy approach to your portfolio monitoring is the automated portfolio teller of 5Paisa. This robotic software will ooze out the perfect portfolio combinations on MF, by closely looking at your funds.
    6. Convenient MF investments

      Customers are now liable to have zero transaction fees and can find convenient monthly installments for investments. Since most of the transaction moves with the aid of the online portal, so there is no need for paper-hassle now.
    7. Featuristic access to trades

      Online transaction and maintenance, customer care through call center type policies, made it easy for the traders to get their issues solved within a pinch of time.
    8. Comparison and buying in Insurance

      Buying insurance online via 5paisa helps you have a vast saving in the premium. Apart from it, there is a facility to compare and contrast different plans and choose the most appropriate one, accordingly.
    9. Power packed app

      All among, equity, MF, Insurance, F&O, Currency, IPO, NFO, and NCDs, can easily be monitored, analyzed and manipulated through just one all-around packed application of 5Paisa.
    10. Auto-investor advisory

      While you are on to invest in mutual fund through 5Paisa, you would get the benefits of having top graded advice from the ‘Auto Investor Tool’ that is imposed there, free of cost. They will help in choosing correct funds and expectations, as per the risk profiles.
    11. Special offers

      5Paisa also does have some initial offerings to boost their customer influx. When an account is opened with 5Paisa, he or she will get the advantages of completely free 5 trades and if they can maintain Rs. 25000 margin, then they will be rewarded with a complete refund of DP AMC and account opening.
    12. Trading Terminals

      5Paisa trading can easily be carried out by any of the three mentioned ways- Online portal, mobile app, and desktop trade. Anyone feeling convenient to either of them can opt for them.
    13. Lowest transaction charges

      An astonishingly low charge for transactions in the different segment is maintained. That is the main source of attraction of investors to go for this discount broker. The transaction charges are given as below.
    14. Account opening through the mobile app

      This is a rare property of the 5Paisa, brokerage only. Anyone having their Aadhar card is liable to open an account directly through the app as it is laced with eKYC and system of Aadhar too.
    15. Advanced charting tools

      The 5Paisa app has the advanced charting tools for assistance in the analysis of the market.
    16. High-quality data provisions

      Emerging from strong industrial backgrounds, 5Paisa has incorporated in itself, the high-quality analysis of market and business ecosystem. Thus they ensure that their customers to get aided by their best researches.
    17. SIP through the mobile app

      Now you can opt for the SIP investments via the mobile trading platform.
    18. High-Quality Desktop terminal

      The desktop terminal based trading option is intuitive that will help you to have traded with ease. Laced with various keyboard shortcuts, and let you trade in any categories.
    19. All investments via one account

      Now no need of creating multiple accounts for multiple investments, as all of the investments in IPOs, MF, Currencies, and others can be done from a single account only.
    20. The school of 5Paisa

      There is no end to learning. With this motive only, 5Paisa devised and started an initiative to spread knowledge among every kind of traders- Beginners, Intermediate as well as Experts. This 5P school has an educational approach towards Equity, Technical Analysis, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, and Trading Psychology.

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    5Paisa has a dominative approach even as a discount broker. They lend supports and services ranging from online trading and others except for commodities. Cheap but the quality contracts are available with them. They strongly believe in the leverage technology and follow the modernized approach towards providing the delicacy of trading to their customers.

    The various products that they are offering are as follows


      An ordinary category of investment platforms that is made extraordinary by the virtue of 5Paisa. Supplied with the integrated automated financial teller, would help to specify and eradicate the possibility of loss and design the best infrastructure for you. A feeless, paperless procedure to create your account entity which will further get customized by the robo-advisor. The robo-intelligence would analyze the churned data and help you keep maintaining the track so that, you always remain to assure about the fact of meeting your goals and objectives.

      When it comes to trading, we prefer to make our customers avail with the latest technology and convenient surfing without any blockage. 5Paisa has complete concentration and lay their emphasis more on online trading portal than having offline which completely eradicates the existence of the middleman, thus preferring completely transparent trading. There are 7 back-to-back advantages on using the 5Paisa for your trading. Online trading guarantees about having 90% flat savings and also the value based brokerage is completely nil.

      There can’t be anything better than having investments in insurances like in Car, Term life, Health or Auto. Buying Insurances from 5paisa, will not only help you in saving your valuable time but will also return you a quite fair amount since their online insurance investments will help you in grabbing premium. Moreover, you can have the investments after having comparisons with other areas via this platform only. There are almost 20+ best plans in insurance to choose.

      It's a cloud-based software or application, that helps you out while monitoring a trade. This cloud-based system can be accessed via Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer online. This system enhances trading experience making it seamless and error-free. Offers multiple order types, which hands over flexibility to the investors, historical data alongside intraday are available for study, research, and analysis. Their high-quality guidance will let you to act promptly and take decisions accordingly. Finally, it does have an attractive graphical interface to make it more acceptable.

      Though, it’s the fact that, 5paisa isn’t offering IPO investments directly but they made avail of the property that, if you have an account in demat and trading section, then also you will be liable for satisfied IPO investments. Any syndicate banks, having self-certification too, will recognize your 5Paisa DP account details.

      The 5Paisa is serving convenient leverage charges that though are decent but still recommended to use at your own risk. The initiative is lucrative and that's beyond doubt, but accessing to it without prominent knowledge can put you into risky situation. Anyway 5Paisa are aware of setting their leverages that are provided to their customers across different segments. These values are as follows:

      • 5paisa leverage for Equity intraday trading - Up to 10x for stocks on which F&O trading is allowed.
      • 5paisa leverage for Equity delivery trading - Up to 3x for delivery trading.
      • 5paisa leverage for Equity & Index futures (Selling only) - 2x margin for futures trades.
      • 5paisa leverage for Options(Selling Only) - 2x margin for Options Trades.


      Other than regular margin, Margin Funding Facility is also offered by 5paisa. Margin Funding by 5paisa is a special service and customer need to request for activate this service. After activating Margin Funding Facility, you will get T+90 days time to complete your trades. Interest of 18% PA will be charges on borrowed money for margin.


    With the emerging 5Paisa, discount broker, the previously established firms like Zerodha, Upstox, SAMCO all are facing tough challenges. They had solidly morphed every aspect of their company, with the support of financial leader like IIFL. And what more one can say regarding the wholesomeness of the brokerage house after this statement, which summarises the richness of this house at a glance- "5Paisa certainly looks one of the promising discount stock brokers of the country. With low brokerage, decent trading platforms, provision of tips and recommendations-it certainly offers more than value for money service to its clients. If you are a beginner or a small to medium level investor, this discount stock broker suits the requirements you might have at this stage or phase of your trading career. Customer service, though, is one area that needs immediate attention and must be improved across communication channels."

  • Ranked #1 Broker in India(5*)
  • Get 100% Free Delivery Trading
  • Risk Free Account Opening
  • Last updated on 17th May 2019

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