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Trending IPO GMP Today Grey Market Premium is trending for Dreamfolks Services IPO and Ameya Precision Engineers, Olatech Solutions SME IPOs.

Grey Market is an unregulated market to trade IPO applications and IPO shares before listing of the stock. An investor may not want to trade in the grey market, but getting an idea of the GMP can be used to estimate the listing gain on the IPO share. GMP or Grey Market Premium adding to issue price gives the estimated listing price of the IPO share.

Here we are reporting the GMP of all upcoming and current IPOs along with Kostak price. Estimated Listing Price is also calculated by adding up GMP and IPO cap price.

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IPO Category GMP (₹) Subject to Rates IPO Price Estimated Listing Price IPO Status Open Dt Close Dt Listing Dt GMP Last Updated
Insolation EnergySME26950003864 (68.42%)Open26-Sep-202229-Sep-202210-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:07:29 AM
Maagh Advertising And Marketing ServicesSMENo GMPNo Trade6060 (0.00%)Open26-Sep-202229-Sep-202210-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:06:27 AM
Mafia TrendsSMENo GMPNo Trade2828 (0.00%)Open22-Sep-202227-Sep-20226-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:07:04 AM
Steelman TelecomSME261100096122 (27.08%)Open26-Sep-202229-Sep-202210-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:06:47 AM
Trident LifelineSME4No Trade101105 (3.96%)Open26-Sep-202229-Sep-202210-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:06:04 AM
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  • Indong TeaSME5No Trade2631 (19.23%)Open27-Sep-202230-Sep-202211-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:03:42 AM
    Cargotrans MaritimeSME27180004572 (60.00%)Open27-Sep-202229-Sep-202210-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:04:51 AM
    Reetech International Cargo and CourierSMENo GMPNo Trade105105 (0.00%)Open27-Sep-202229-Sep-202210-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:04:24 AM
    Vedant AssetSMENo GMPNo TradeNAUpcoming26-Sep-2022 09:02:05 AM
    Silicon Rental SolutionsSME13No Trade7891 (16.67%)Upcoming28-Sep-202230-Sep-202211-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:02:54 AM
    Cargosol LogisticsSMENo GMPNo Trade2828 (0.00%)Upcoming28-Sep-202230-Sep-202211-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:02:37 AM
    Lloyds LuxuriesSMENo GMPNo Trade4040 (0.00%)Upcoming28-Sep-202230-Sep-202211-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:03:27 AM
    Cyber Media Research & ServicesSME2713000180207 (15.00%)Upcoming28-Sep-202229-Sep-202210-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:05:44 AM
    Concord Control SystemsSME27550005582 (49.09%)Open27-Sep-202229-Sep-202210-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:05:22 AM
    QMS Medical Allied ServicesSMENo GMPNo Trade121121 (0.00%)Open27-Sep-202230-Sep-202211-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:03:57 AM
    Swastik PipeSMENo GMPNo Trade100100 (0.00%)Upcoming29-Sep-20223-Oct-202212-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:02:19 AM
    Pace E-Commerce VenturesSMENo GMPNo Trade103103 (0.00%)Upcoming29-Sep-20224-Oct-202213-Oct-202226-Sep-2022 09:01:47 AM
    Containe TechnologiesSME4140001519 (26.67%)Closed20-Sep-202222-Sep-202230-Sep-202226-Sep-2022 09:08:24 AM
    Kandarp Digi Smart BPOSME5No Trade3035 (16.67%)Closed16-Sep-202220-Sep-202228-Sep-202226-Sep-2022 09:09:43 AM
    Maks Energy Solutions IndiaSME6240002026 (30.00%)Closed16-Sep-202220-Sep-202228-Sep-202226-Sep-2022 09:08:08 AM
    Varanium CloudSME44000122126 (3.28%)Closed16-Sep-202220-Sep-202228-Sep-202226-Sep-2022 09:09:24 AM
    Annapurna SwadishtSME569200070126 (80.00%)Closed15-Sep-202219-Sep-202227-Sep-202226-Sep-2022 09:09:59 AM
    Harsha Engineers InternationalMainline1257000330455 (37.88%)[email protected]14-Sep-202216-Sep-202226-Sep-202226-Sep-2022 09:10:24 AM
    Ishan InternationalSMENo GMPNo Trade8080 (0.00%)[email protected]9-Sep-202214-Sep-202222-Sep-202220-Sep-2022 09:08:41 AM
    Tapi Fruit ProcessingSME160004849 (2.08%)[email protected]12-Sep-202214-Sep-202222-Sep-202222-Sep-2022 09:10:36 AM

    What is Grey Market Premium(GMP)?

    Explanation of Grey Market Premium in simple points:

    • Grey Market is an unofficial market for the Pre IPO.
    • GMP is premium per share.
    • Kostak is premium per application.
    • Sub 2 is premium for the allotted application.
    • As GMP is unofficial, thus there are no regulatory (No Rules and Regulations).
    • All transaction for GMP is done in cash.
    • No written communication for Grey Market, small slips of paper is the contract.
    • There is no official dealer – All buying and selling through word of mount and trust only.
    • The higher GMP means a higher possibility of IPO getting listed at a bumper price.
    • GMP activity can start before the price band announcement.

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    User Reviews

    130. Sathish Sep 08 2022 07:58:04 PM Reply
    Hi All,
    Do we have lockin period for ipo listing shares or I can sell it once its listed...?
    130.1. CA Sachin Sep 26 2022 11:58:19 PM
    No lockin period for Retail and HNI Customers. you can sell your holding any time post listing.
    129. Hrishabh Chouhan Sep 22 2022 10:34:17 AM Reply
    How to get higher chance of allotment
    129.1. Amalgum Sep 24 2022 01:24:43 PM
    Apply IPO in multiple lots from multiple people demat account for example apply 1 lot from your account another lots from other family members or friends
    129.2. CA Sachin Sep 26 2022 11:56:28 PM
    No proven theories, keep applying and wait for your luck.
    128. Resham chhetri Sep 25 2022 06:33:42 PM Reply
    Sir after listing SME ipo share can sell any time
    128.1. Vinay Jain Sep 26 2022 11:54:36 PM
    Yes, You can sell your holding any time. Its just depend on demand.
    127. Pappu Pager Sep 19 2022 03:18:13 PM Reply
    Dear Friends,
    Please suggest me about the Containe Technologies SME Ipo.
    Please review this ipo. To apply or to avoid
    127.1. Vinay Jain Sep 21 2022 12:12:08 PM
    Hello Sir,
    Please apply to get some listing gain. As per GMP, you will get min 1% return in 7 to 10 days.
    127.2. Rohit Saha Sep 26 2022 07:04:13 PM
    Expected 10 to 20% gain but fundamental not strong....
    I can suggest invest in insolation energy IPO expects that 40 to 50%listing gain
    127.3. CA Sachin Sep 26 2022 11:52:34 PM
    Insolation Energy SME IPO - Must Apply SME IPO
    126. Pappu Pager Aug 25 2022 10:50:55 AM Reply
    The ipo of Dreamfolks Services is showing GMP Rs. 76/-. Please suggest me whether to apply or not .. ? fundamentals seems to be okay. Will I get listing gain ? OR to keep it for future ? Please suggest....      
    126.1. CA Sachin Aug 25 2022 08:21:15 PM
    You must apply. Heavy oversubscription, change of allotment is with the lottery. Must Apply.
    126.2. Pappu Pager Aug 27 2022 11:29:48 AM
    Thank you CA Sachin. I have applied for 2 slots
    126.3. Pappu Pager Sep 02 2022 11:24:59 AM
    Friends, Not allotted to me. Its hard luck.......
    126.4. CA Sachin Sep 03 2022 11:40:31 AM
    Pappu Bhai, Same here, 0/5 Retail and 0/3 SHNI.....
    126.5. Pappu Pager Sep 19 2022 03:16:28 PM
    CA Sachin
    Hard luck to both of us. I have applied for 2 slots in SME ipo Annapurna Swadist and 2 slots for Harsha Engineering. Please suggest about the allotment and GMP.
    126.6. CA Sachin Sep 26 2022 11:49:38 PM
    Pappu Sir,
    Harsh - Retail - 0/4, SHNI - 0/4
    Annapurna - Retail - 0/3, HNI - 0/1
    Big disappointment.

    125. KAMLESH Sep 15 2022 11:17:10 PM Reply
    Sme lpo retail shni કેટલાં લોટની અરજી કરી શકાય?
    125.1. tejas kangad Sep 16 2022 03:18:58 PM
    1 lot
    125.2. Sagar Gokani Sep 16 2022 10:10:46 PM
    એક જ લોટ ની અરજી કરી શકો
    125.3. Dhaval Sep 18 2022 11:36:13 AM
    SME IPOમાં માત્ર 2 કેટેગરી છે - રિટેલ અને HNI. છૂટક 1 લોટ અને HNI 2 લોટ +.

    SME IPO only have 2 category - Retail and HNI. Retail 1 lot and HNI 2 lots +.
    125.4. Pappu Pager Sep 26 2022 12:51:22 PM
    Ekj lot aave mara vala SME ipo ma
    124. Badsha Sep 24 2022 07:56:39 AM Reply
    What problem may i face after allotment of SME IPO to sell? Is there no of buyer is not available sufficient ?
    124.1. Amalgum Sep 24 2022 01:23:13 PM
    You have to sell in lot in SME IPO you cannot sell partial no. share you got in lot for example i an IPO a lot have 2000 no. share and you get allotment so when you sell that share on listing date you cannot sell 1000,200,1500,etc no. of shares you have to sell all 2000 shares in order to get trade executed
    123. Karibindi Lavanya Sep 18 2022 07:54:27 PM Reply
    123.1. G.JAGADISH RAO Sep 21 2022 08:26:51 PM
    No,u can sell on the listing date,but there is meagre chance of allotment
    122. Kiran Sep 13 2022 12:15:17 AM Reply
    Allotment out for Tamilnad Bank
    Can anybody tell how many shares allotted in BHNI application
    122.1. Vinay Jain Sep 13 2022 11:11:32 PM
    14 lots - 1932 shares
    121. S k jain Aug 26 2022 08:06:24 AM Reply
    What is the minimum possible allotment amount for Rs. 2.5 akhs ipo application in HNI CATEGORY?
    121.1. CA Sachin Aug 26 2022 11:56:04 AM
    Hello Sir -
    If retail oversubscribe - 1 Lot (By Lottery)
    If Small HNI Oversubscribe (>2 to <10 L) - 14 Lots (by Lottery)
    If big HNI Oversubscribe (>10L) - 14 Lots (by Lottery)
    That's why big and small HNI - Subject 2 Sauda prices are the same.
    Where Kostak price is telling the chance of allotment.
    121.2. Nikk Sep 09 2022 05:47:32 PM
    If in shni, I apply for 14 lots and over subscription is 20x, then will I be allotted 14 lots with chances (1/20) ?
    121.3. CA Sachin Sep 10 2022 10:15:03 AM
    Yes - SHNI and BHNI - if allotted its 14 lots only. No matter how many you applied. The only probability will change.