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IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP) is trending for Adani Enterprises FPO, Aristo Bio-Tech, DHARNI Capital and Transvoy Logistics.

Grey Market is an unregulated market to trade IPO applications and IPO shares before listing of the stock. An investor may not want to trade in the grey market, but getting an idea of the GMP can be used to estimate the listing gain on the IPO share. GMP or Grey Market Premium adding to issue price gives the estimated listing price of the IPO share.

Here we are reporting the GMP of all upcoming and current IPOs along with Kostak price. Estimated Listing Price is also calculated by adding up GMP and IPO cap price.

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Today's Movement - GMP Up  >> GMP Up from Previous Day Price    Today's Movement - GMP Down  >> GMP Down from Previous Day Price    Today's Movement - GMP No Change  >> No Change in GMP Price from Previous Day


IPO Category GMP (₹) Estimated Listing Price Fire-Rating Subject to Rates IPO Price IPO Status Open Dt Close Dt Listing Dt GMP Last Updated
Adani EnterprisesFPO-- Today's Movement - GMP Down3276 (0.00%)Rating 1/5-3276Open27-Jan-202331-Jan-20238-Feb-202327-Jan-2023 05:19:09 PM
Earthstahl & AlloysSME17 Today's Movement - GMP Up57 (42.50%)Rating 4/54500040Open27-Jan-202331-Jan-20238-Feb-202327-Jan-2023 05:10:59 PM
Gayatri Rubbers and ChemicalsSME3 Today's Movement - GMP Down33 (10.00%)Rating 3/5-30Open25-Jan-202330-Jan-20237-Feb-202327-Jan-2023 05:10:50 PM
Transvoy Logistics IndiaSME26 Today's Movement - GMP Down97 (36.62%)Rating 4/52200071Closed20-Jan-202324-Jan-20232-Feb-202327-Jan-2023 05:11:07 PM
DHARNI Capital ServicesSME3 Today's Movement - GMP No Change23 (15.00%)Rating 3/51000020Closed18-Jan-202320-Jan-202331-Jan-202327-Jan-2023 05:17:35 PM
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  • Aristo Bio-Tech and LifescienceSME38 Today's Movement - GMP Down110 (52.78%)Rating 5/53000072Closed16-Jan-202319-Jan-202330-Jan-202327-Jan-2023 05:17:59 PM
    Ducol Organics And ColoursSME22 Today's Movement - GMP Down100 (28.21%)Rating 4/51800078[email protected]9-Jan-202311-Jan-202319-Jan-202319-Jan-2023 09:12:49 AM
    Eastern Logica InfowaySME2 Today's Movement - GMP Down227 (0.89%)Rating 1/5-225[email protected]5-Jan-20239-Jan-202317-Jan-202317-Jan-2023 09:09:33 AM
    Chaman MetallicsSME29 Today's Movement - GMP Down67 (76.32%)Rating 5/55500038[email protected]4-Jan-20236-Jan-202316-Jan-202316-Jan-2023 09:08:25 AM
    Rex Sealing and Packing IndustriesSME-8
    (Discount) Today's Movement - GMP Up
    127 (-5.93%)Rating 1/5-135[email protected]30-Dec-20224-Jan-202312-Jan-202312-Jan-2023 09:09:31 AM
    SVS VenturesSME-4
    (Discount) Today's Movement - GMP Up
    16 (-20.00%)Rating 1/5-20[email protected]30-Dec-20224-Jan-202312-Jan-202312-Jan-2023 09:09:42 AM
    Sah PolymersMainline10 Today's Movement - GMP No Change75 (15.38%)Rating 3/5-65[email protected]30-Dec-20224-Jan-202312-Jan-202312-Jan-2023 09:45:00 AM
    Anlon Technology SolutionsSME60 Today's Movement - GMP Down160 (60.00%)Rating 5/560000100[email protected]29-Dec-20222-Jan-202310-Jan-202310-Jan-2023 09:10:55 AM
    Radiant Cash ManagementMainline6 Today's Movement - GMP No Change105 (6.06%)Rating 2/5-99[email protected]23-Dec-202227-Dec-20224-Jan-20234-Jan-2023 08:00:08 AM
    RBM InfraconSME13 Today's Movement - GMP Up49 (36.11%)Rating 4/51500036[email protected]23-Dec-202227-Dec-20224-Jan-20234-Jan-2023 09:56:26 AM
    Moxsh Overseas EduconSME20 Today's Movement - GMP Down173 (13.07%)Rating 3/524000153[email protected]21-Dec-202223-Dec-202230-Dec-202230-Dec-2022 09:00:54 AM
    Homesfy RealtySME25 Today's Movement - GMP Up222 (12.69%)Rating 3/5-197[email protected]21-Dec-202223-Dec-20222-Jan-20232-Jan-2023 08:48:56 AM
    Elin ElectronicsMainline4 Today's Movement - GMP Up251 (1.62%)Rating 1/5-247[email protected]20-Dec-202222-Dec-202230-Dec-202230-Dec-2022 09:04:00 AM
    KFin TechnologiesMainline-3 Today's Movement - GMP Up363 (-0.82%)Rating 1/5-366[email protected]19-Dec-202221-Dec-202229-Dec-202229-Dec-2022 09:42:41 AM
    Arihant AcademySME38 Today's Movement - GMP Down128 (42.22%)Rating 4/53800090[email protected]16-Dec-202221-Dec-202229-Dec-202229-Dec-2022 08:50:55 AM
    Uma ConverterSME2 Today's Movement - GMP Down35 (6.06%)Rating 2/5800033[email protected]15-Dec-202221-Dec-202229-Dec-202229-Dec-2022 08:50:35 AM
    Dollex AgrotechSME-3 Today's Movement - GMP Up32 (-8.57%)Rating 1/5-35[email protected]15-Dec-202220-Dec-202228-Dec-202228-Dec-2022 09:03:15 AM
    Landmark CarsMainline-15
    (Discount) Today's Movement - GMP No Change
    491 (-2.96%)Rating 1/5-506[email protected]13-Dec-202215-Dec-202223-Dec-202223-Dec-2022 08:52:55 AM
    Droneacharya Aerial InnovationsSME54 Today's Movement - GMP Up108 (100.00%)Rating 5/58500054[email protected]13-Dec-202215-Dec-202223-Dec-202223-Dec-2022 08:55:22 AM
    Abans HoldingsMainline3 Today's Movement - GMP No Change273 (1.11%)Rating 1/5-270[email protected]12-Dec-202215-Dec-202223-Dec-202223-Dec-2022 08:52:37 AM

    What is Grey Market Premium(GMP)?

    Explanation of Grey Market Premium in simple points:

    • Grey Market is an unofficial market for the Pre IPO.
    • GMP is premium per share.
    • Kostak is premium per application.
    • Sub 2 is premium for the allotted application.
    • As GMP is unofficial, thus there are no regulatory (No Rules and Regulations).
    • All transaction for GMP is done in cash.
    • No written communication for Grey Market, small slips of paper is the contract.
    • There is no official dealer – All buying and selling through word of mount and trust only.
    • The higher GMP means a higher possibility of IPO getting listed at a bumper price.
    • GMP activity can start before the price band announcement.
    Disclaimer from Admins as per SEBI norms: Equity Investment are subject to 100% market risks. Refer your financial consultant advice before Investing. This group is only for Educational and Learning, Knowledge Purposes. Admins have no responsibility for your intended decision & financial losses. Keep calculated & always analyzed your cash position and risk-bearing capacity before following msg of our group.

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    User Reviews

    166. CA Sachin Jan 27 2023 04:12:27 PM Reply
    GMP update - No trade in Adani FPO. Dont apply in any category till Monday.
    165. Kunal Singh Jan 21 2023 09:41:55 AM Reply
    Adani Ent FPO is special case - Share is going to list with Adani Ent PP which is diffrent from Adani Ent share price.

    Price band is : 1556-1638
    For Retail : 1574/- (Discount of Rs 64)
    For HNI : 1638/-

    Current GMP of Rs 65/70 is with referance to price of 1638.
    164. Kewal krishan Gupta Jan 20 2023 10:05:17 AM Reply
    No allotment in SME since long
    163. Harish Dec 12 2022 07:04:53 PM Reply
    I have having issue to apply IPO from net banking from sbi. It''s saw message your pan number not mapped with this account ..
    Anyone facing this issue.
    If any one have solution for this please update.
    163.1. PRABHAT G SHARMA Dec 13 2022 01:25:32 PM
    Me also facing the same problem. Visited the branch also but nothing resolved. They are asking to wait
    163.2. harish Dec 13 2022 05:38:02 PM
    if any one have solution/suggestion for this , please mention will be very helpful
    163.3. Anil Jan 06 2023 11:14:25 PM
    If you a demat account with a brokerage firm other than sbi then you will have to register as an individual in the site of sbi net banking.
    This is a one time procrss and you shall be eligible to apply for any IPO through net banking of SBI using ASBA route present under the name of e-services in net banking page.
    163.4. Trader Jan 09 2023 10:34:11 AM
    Update your Bank Profile with same name as it appears on PAN Card. These days, can''t apply from Relative Account or so. In individual own case, PAN has to be quoted correctly.
    163.5. sunil khandal Jan 09 2023 11:06:31 AM
    go to your branch with your PAN copy and ask them to update the same in account. I was also facing this problem and when I went with copy, its resolved in one day
    163.6. KORI Prem Jan 16 2023 11:22:40 PM
    You go to the bank and get your PAN updated, tell them to update my PAN card again in the account and check that your Aadhaar card is linked to the PAN card, if it is not, then it will be linked.
    163.7. acb Jan 19 2023 02:15:34 PM
    Please verify and confirm that your PAN no in Demat account and in your net banking account is same. Different number in Demat and Net banking account will not permit you to apply as per SEBI rule.
    162. PATEL Jan 01 2023 12:01:48 PM Reply
    what is the proses for the sell IPO BY GMP
    161. MOHIT Dec 21 2022 08:13:59 AM Reply
    Is arihant sme ipo risky? Can i sell them on the day of listing
    161.1. Vinay Jain Dec 21 2022 07:21:25 PM
    Every Investment is risky. so no one can give you guidence on risk.
    Yes, you can sell your SME IPO on listing day.
    161.2. Lullamiya Dec 23 2022 08:03:31 PM
    Pehle mil to jaaye.
    Tab to bechoge .
    161.3. PRINCE MEHTA Dec 24 2022 01:47:34 PM
    160. Rajesh Khedekar Dec 22 2022 05:20:58 PM Reply
    from last 02-03 months Main line IPO listing on discounts what is the reason ?, Every cant afford SME IPO...
    160.1. Mohit Jain Dec 23 2022 09:11:32 AM
    The main reason for this issue is IPO pricing. If a company is investor friendly, they keep the price low so that investors will get the benefit.
    DO just go with GMP, which is also driven by some manipulators.
    Always check the financials of the company, performance, and business model.
    160.2. pj Dec 24 2022 01:40:30 PM

    159. RAM Dec 16 2022 05:32:53 PM Reply
    Where we can find out the selling price after listing?
    159.1. Kunal Dec 16 2022 06:34:25 PM
    Sir, please chk the same on NSE. BSE website. The listing price is available on above report in IPO Status column.
    159.2. manoj Dec 16 2022 10:04:39 PM
    in your trading account platform open market watch add the scrip at 9am on the day of the listing and then decide what you want to do, or speak with the dealer or the advisor given to you by your broker
    158. CA Sachin Dec 16 2022 06:35:57 PM Reply
    It looks like all GMP guys started winter break in advance. No movement in GMP at all.....
    Chittorgarh Team, you can also go on vacation and enjoy Xmas break.
    Happy Holidays.
    157. Adijaii Dec 15 2022 12:23:53 PM Reply
    Arham Listed @60.00 why does it mention @42??
    157.1. CA Sachin Dec 15 2022 01:51:08 PM
    Looks like typo and was corrected after your msg,