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Upcoming IPOs with Shareholders Quota

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  • Upcoming IPOs with Shareholders Quota

    IPO or Initial Public Offering refers to the process wherein a private corporation offers shares to the general public in a new stock issuance. By making the company public, it enables corporations to not only raise capital but also generate publicity.

    Before we get started, let’s discuss what is Shareholding Quota or Shareholder’s Reservation Portion. When a subsidiary company releases its IPO, it reserves some shares that are made available as an offering under the shareholding quota of the parent company. Normally, depending on the size of the IPO, 5 to 15 percent of the shares are reserved for this purpose. Shareholder’s Quota is a reserved category and eligible investors need to apply under this category.

    Upcoming IPOs with shareholder quota

    Here is the latest update on upcoming IPOs with shareholder quota. This list is tentative and IPO release may take time. Buying atleast one share of the parent company is worth to take advantage of shareholding quota in near term.

    Shareholder quota IPOs
    IPO Name Parent Company
    Adani Wilmar Adani Enterprises Ltd
    HDB Financial HDFC Bank
    HDB Erog & HDFC Credila HDFC Ltd
    Kotak AMC Kotak Bank
    PNB MetLife Insurance PNB Bank
    Bajaj Energy Bajaj Hind Sugar Ltd
    Reliance General Insurance Reliance Capital
    Reliance Retail Reliance
    Reliance Jio Reliance
    Axis AMC Axis Bank
    L&T AMC L&T Info Edge
    Tata Technology Ltd Tata Motors

    DISCLAIMER: No information whatsoever published anywhere here should be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities, or as advice to do so in any way whatsoever. All matter published here is purely for educational and information purposes only and under no circumstances should be used for making investment decisions. Readers must consult a qualified financial advisor prior to making any actual investment decisions, based on information published here. Any reader taking decisions based on any information published here does so entirely at own risk. Investors should bear in mind that any investment in stock markets are subject to unpredictable market related risks. Above information is based on DRHP and other documents available as of date coupled with market perception. Author has no plans to invest in this securities.

  • Ranked #1 Broker in India(5*)
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  • Last updated on 17th Jan 2022


    When a company keeps some stocks reserved under the shareholding quota, investors who hold at least one share also come under this quota and they can take advantage of this category. Usually, subscription under shareholding quota is much lower than other categories such as retail.

    The second benefit is that when the IPO of a subsidiary company is announced, you can apply through 2 separate applications – one under retail category with a capping up to Rs. 2 Lakhs and the other under the shareholding category with a capping up to Rs 2 Lakhs. Applications under both categories will be considered valid. So in such a case, you have a better chance of allotment when the subscription goes above the required limit.

    Lastly, companies usually offer special discounts under shareholding quota. In such a case, you will get some special benefits when you get allotment under the shareholding quota.


    As per our analysis, the shareholders of the parent company, as on the cutoff date (when RHP is filed), are eligible to apply under the Shareholder’s quota. The parent company registrar also sends an email about the eligibility. To receive this communication, you must have a share/s in the parent company in your Demat account as on the cutoff date.


    The answer is yes. if you hold 1 share of parent company also you will consider shareholders in parent company. The only requirement of shareholding quota is you must have shares in your Demat account on the record date. To participate in shareholding quota, one needs to apply in shareholding IPO category.


    Yes, if you have parent company share in your demat account on record date. You can apply 2 IPO applications with same PAN card - One in Retail Category and other one in Shareholding Category. Both are valid applications. You can apply up to Rs 2 lakh worth of shares in each category.


    As per current market trends, Maximum Shares under shareholder quota is up to Rs 2 lakhs. Please refer RHP document or IPO specific FAQ in case of any latest update in RHP.


    User Reviews

    10. IPo Latest News Oct 10 2021 11:46:00 AM Reply
    Upcoming IPOs in Oct 2021:
    1. Nykaa Total 4000 cr. Fresh 525 cr.
    2. PayTM 16,600 cr. 8300cr.
    3. Policy Bazar 6017 cr. 3,750 cr.
    4. Sapphire Foods 1,75,69,941 OFS
    5 Go Faishons 125 cr. 125 cr.
    9. IPO Updates Sep 27 2021 06:08:41 PM Reply
    List of Mainboard IPOs IN THE PIPELINE
    (Status as on 25th September 2021)

    A) DRHP Filed - SEBI Approval *Overdue*: DRHP filed >2 months ago

    1) Aadhar Housing Finance >>> DRHP filing date 24-Jan-21
    2) Penna Cement Industries >>> DRHP filing date 14-May-21
    3) Skanray Technologies Limited >>> DRHP filing date 27-Jun-21
    4) UMA Converter >>> DRHP filing date 01-Jul-21
    5) One Mobikwik Systems >>> DRHP filing date 12-Jul-21
    6) One 97 Communications >>> DRHP filing date 15-Jul-21
    7) HP Adhesives >>> DRHP filing date 18-Jul-21
    8) Anand Rathi Wealth >>> DRHP filing date 19-Jul-21
    9) Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. >>> DRHP filing date 22-Jul-21
    10) ESAF Small Finance Bank >>> DRHP filing date 26-Jul-21

    B) DRHP Filed - SEBI Approval *Awaited*: DRHP filed <2 months ago

    11) SJS Enterprises >>> DRHP filing date 29-Jul-21
    12) Fino Payments Bank >>> DRHP filing date 30-Jul-21
    13) PB Fintech Limited >>> DRHP filing date 02-Aug-21
    14) FSN E-Commerce Ventures >>> DRHP filing date 02-Aug-21
    15) Adani Wilmar >>> DRHP filing date 03-Aug-21
    16) Popular Vehicles and Services >>> DRHP filing date 05-Aug-21
    17) Gemini Edibles & Fats India >>> DRHP filing date 09-Aug-21
    18) Keventer Agro >>> DRHP filing date 10-Aug-21
    19) Tarsons Products >>> DRHP filing date 10-Aug-21
    20) Sigachi Industries >>> DRHP filing date 10-Aug-21
    21) Sapphire Foods India >>> DRHP filing date 11-Aug-21
    22) Fusion Micro Finance >>> DRHP filing date 11-Aug-21
    23) Le Travenues Technology >>> DRHP filing date 13-Aug-21
    24) Go Fashion (India) >>> DRHP filing date 13-Aug-21
    25) CMS Info Systems >>> DRHP filing date 14-Aug-21
    26) VLCC Health Care >>> DRHP filing date 14-Aug-21
    27) Prudent Corporate Advisory Services >>> DRHP filing date 14-Aug-21
    28) Latent View Analytics >>> DRHP filing date 16-Aug-21
    29) Inspira Enterprises India >>> DRHP filing date 17-Aug-21
    30) Sterlite Power Transmissions >>> DRHP filing date 17-Aug-21
    31) MedPlus Health Services >>> DRHP filing date 17-Aug-21
    32) Tracxn Technologies >>> DRHP filing date 17-Aug-21
    33) Rategain Travel Technologies >>> DRHP filing date 18-Aug-21
    34) Tega Industries >>> DRHP filing date 18-Aug-21
    35) Emcure Pharmaceuticals >>> DRHP filing date 18-Aug-21
    36) AGS Transact Technologies >>> DRHP filing date 19-Aug-21
    37) Metro Brands >>> DRHP filing date 20-Aug-21
    38) Maximus International >>> DRHP filing date 26-Aug-21
    39) Infinion Biopharma >>> DRHP filing date 01-Sep-21
    40) C.E. Info Systems >>> DRHP filing date 31-Aug-21
    41) ESDS Software Solutions >>> DRHP filing date 03-Sep-21
    42) Tamilnad Mercantile Bank >>> DRHP filing date 04-Sep-21
    43) Healthium Meditech >>> DRHP filing date 06-Sep-21
    44) India1 Payments >>> DRHP filing date 07-Sep-21
    45) Vedant Fashions >>> DRHP filing date 10-Sep-21
    46) Hariom Pipe Industries >>> DRHP filing date 20-Sep-21
    47) Puranik Builders >>> DRHP filing date 21-Sep-21
    48) Electronics Mart India >>> DRHP filing date 22-Sep-21
    49) Data Patterns (India) >>> DRHP filing date 22-Sep-21

    C) SEBI Approval *Received (<4 months)*:

    1) Paradeep Phosphates >>> SEBI Approval 22-Sept-21
    2) Northern Arc Capital >>> SEBI Approval 03-Sept-21
    3) Chemspec Chemicals >>> SEBI Approval 30-Aug-21
    4) Shri Bajrang Power and Ispat >>> SEBI Approval 26-Aug-21
    5) Go Airlines (India) >>> SEBI Approval 26-Aug-21
    6) Ruchi Soya Industries >>> SEBI Approval 13-Aug-21
    7) Fincare Small Finance Bank >>> SEBI Approval 28-July-21
    8) Supriya Lifescience >>> SEBI Approval 23-July-21
    9) Jana Small Finance Bank >>> SEBI Approval 09-July-21
    10) Medi Assist Healthcare Services >>> SEBI Approval 22-June-21
    11) Shriram Properties >>> SEBI Approval 15-June-21
    12) Utkarsh Small Finance Bank >>> SEBI Approval 03-June-21

    D) SEBI Approval *Received (>4 months ago)*:

    13) Arohan Financial Services >>> SEBI Approval 23-Apr-21
    14) Seven Islands Shipping >>> SEBI Approval 30-Mar-21
    8. Vinay Jain Sep 24 2021 11:51:38 AM Reply
    Aditya Birla AMC - 5% shareholder Quota for AB Capital Shareholders, Record Date for Eligibility in shareholder Quota is 22 September 2021.
    7. Vinay Jain Oct 13 2020 10:48:08 PM Reply
    Equitas SFB IPO - Cut off date for Shareholding quota - 11th Oct 2020
    6. CA Sachin Jain Aug 10 2020 02:28:20 PM Reply
    List of Mainboard IPOs IN THE PIPELINE
    (Status as on 31st July 2020)

    A) DRHP Filed - SEBI Approval *Awaited*:

    1) Gland Pharma >>> DRHP date 10-July-20
    2) Happiest Minds Technologies >>> DRHP date 10-June-20
    3) Jaikumar Constructions >>> DRHP date 02-June-20

    B) SEBI Approval *Received* *(within the past 4 months)*:

    1) Computer Age Management Services >>> SEBI Approval 17-July-20
    2) Likhitha Infrastructure >>> SEBI Approval 17-July-20
    3) Barbeque Nation Hospitality >>> SEBI Approval 07-July-20
    4) UTI Asset Management Company >>> SEBI Approval 16-Jun-20
    5) Stove Kraft >>> SEBI Approval 30-Apr-20

    C) SEBI Approval *Received* *(>4 months ago)*:

    6) National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange >>> SEBI Approval 09-Apr-20
    7) Esaf Small Finance Bank >>> SEBI Approval 20-Mar-20
    8) Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels >>> SEBI Approval 09-Mar-20
    9) Equitas Small Finance Bank >>> SEBI Approval 28-Feb-20
    10) Indian Railway Finance Corporation >>> SEBI Approval 25-Feb-20
    11) Home First Finance Company India >>> SEBI Approval 25-Feb-20
    12) Mukesh Trends Lifestyle >>> SEBI Approval 14-Feb-20
    13) Easy Trip Planners >>> SEBI Approval 31-Jan-20
    14) Puranik Builders >>> SEBI Approval 31-Jan-20
    15) Montecarlo >>> SEBI Approval 28-Jan-20
    16) Chemcon Speciality Chemicals >>> SEBI Approval 28-Jan-20
    17) Burger King India >>> SEBI Approval 24-Jan-20
    18) Shri Bajrang Power and Ispat >>> SEBI Approval 17-Jan-20
    19) Route Mobile >>> SEBI Approval 24-Dec-19

    D) SEBI Approval *Received* *(>8 months ago)*:

    20) Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders >>> SEBI Approval 13-Dec-19
    21) Samhi Hotels >>> SEBI Approval 29-Nov-19
    22) Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency >>> SEBI Approval 27-Sep-19
    23) Shyam Steel Industries >>> SEBI Approval 20-Sep-19
    24) Bajaj Energy >>> SEBI Approval 30-Aug-19
    25) Angel Broking >>> SEBI Approval 26-July-19
    5. Subhash Jul 29 2020 09:37:32 PM Reply
    Excide Limited has no share in LIC it's 100% owned by GOI you provided wrong information
    5.1. Team TopShareBrokers Jul 30 2020 12:16:50 AM
    Hello Subhash, Actual information need to be validated with the DRHP document. We have updated the information as per your comments. Thx and keep correcting us.
    4. Manoj Feb 02 2020 10:05:04 AM Reply
    Can I invest in excide ltd today to participate in lic IPO?
    3. Manoj Feb 02 2020 10:02:48 AM Reply
    Lic parrent company
    2. Kunal Bansal Dec 09 2019 12:07:41 PM Reply
    Can I invest in SBI today to participate in SBI Cards IPO?
    2.1. Vinay Jain Dec 09 2019 12:09:53 PM
    Yes, the above list of IPOs is all upcoming Shareholders IPO. So you can buy Min 1 share of parent company to participate in Shareholding Quota. For SBI Cards IPO, yet the record date is not declared.
    2.2. Narayan Dec 17 2019 05:24:42 PM
    DRHP is already filed for Equitas Small Finance Bank.
    So still if I buy Equitas Holdings ltd. share, will I be eligible for shareholder quota.
    2.3. Vinay Jain Dec 18 2019 10:29:50 AM
    As copy of DHRP is not yet released, so no comments. It should be safe to add in your portfolio as now a days RHP date is the cutoff date. Will update the information once DHRP copy will be available.
    2.4. Vinay Jain Dec 18 2019 01:57:25 PM

    DRHP Page Number 6/7: Individuals and HUFs who are the public equity shareholders of EHL, our Promoter, (excluding such persons who are not eligible to invest in the Offer under applicable laws) as on the date of the Red Herring Prospectus. The maximum Bid Amount under the EHL Shareholder Reservation Portion by an Eligible EHL Shareholder shall not exceed Rs 200,000 (net of EHL Shareholder Discount).

    With that you add EHL shares in your portfolio to be eligible under shareholders quota.

    Equitas Small Finance Bank Limited DRHP
    1. Sachin Dad Dec 16 2019 09:58:13 AM Reply
    Name new ipo coming 2020
    Parent company
    We buy 1 share and eligible to shareholder quota.
    11.1. Vinay Jain Dec 17 2019 09:30:46 AM
    Equitas Small Finance Bank, a subsidiary of Equitas Holdings has filed DRHP with SEBI on 16th Dec 2019.
    IPO Size - 550 Cr
    EHL Shareholding Quota - Rs 100 Cr
    Employee Quota - Rs 5 Cr
    Add EHL shares in your portfolio for Shareholding Quota.