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SAMCO vs 5paisa Share Broker Comparison

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  • SAMCO vs 5paisa Share Broker Comparison

    So for the best trade to take place, you need to have access to the best. And while choosing the best, you may also have ended with an option of two or three, where you are terminated for the lack of proper comparative knowledge. That’s why, let’s have a close look over the two most popular online share broker firms and find out the best and worst feature coverage, that each of them has.


    There is an added advantage of the experience over tactics. Standing out from the same perspective, SAMCO is one of the best brokerage houses. They are maintaining their pride and dignity as a broker for over 5 years. SAMCO is well aware of the customer’s need, their mentality and can lead them to get the best trading benefits. With SAMCO, anyone can rightfully feel the safety and trust. SAMCO has been furnished with all the possible benefits and features that a complete modern broker should have; from a mobile trading app to the online trading portal as well as margin and margin funding facility.


    5Paisa was a sub-division of IIFL, to have established a strong popularity in the share market and brokerage industry areas in the least time frame. Since the discount brokerage firm has a strong support of the IIFL group of companies, 5Paisa is on the front foot from the perspective of administration and infrastructure. In just a short span of time, 5Paisa’s efficient financial policies and tactics have been successful in getting a daily turnover. Though they don’t have an efficient branch system, 5paisa maintain communication directly with customers by the branch network of IIFL.


    It’s really difficult to figure out the best and worst between two brokerage firms, especially when, they are best from their individual perspective. But if we look at them from a general sight, we can figure out some differences, which are the plus point for someone while negativity for the other. Here we will be comparing SAMCO and 5Paisa with respect to certain points upon which, both of them shows unique variations.

    This is a detailed article, if you wish to see one on one comparison for SAMCO vs 5paisa, please refer to our 1-on-1 comparison pages.

    1. Brokerage Charges

      Both of the brokerage firms are tremendously popular for their lowest brokerage charges. Every brokerage firm tries to lease out extreme discounts on the commodities so as to attract the customers towards them. SAMCO too offers a maximum brokerage charge of just 20 INR per executed order, irrespective of size and segment. But even though, it failed to give a tussle to 5Paisa, since they are offering the same just at 10 INR.

    2. Leverages

      Leverage is an important part of a brokerage firm, SAMCO is on upper hand as SAMCO is providing up to 10x on MIS order, up to 33x for CO/BO orders for Equity Intraday cash segment, where 5paisa is only offering up to 10x Margin for Equity Intraday cash segment. SAMCO is giving up to 2x margin for Future trading and up to 33x for CO orders, where 5paisa is also offering 2x margin for equity index futures but Cover Orders option is missing. On Equity Options (Selling only) both are giving 2x margin. SAMCO is offering an additional product like CashPlus, IntraPlus, and StockPlus for margin funding, where 5paisa has had margin trading funding with 18% interest on borrowed money for T+90 days. With additional margin funding 5pasia allow up to 3x leverage were SAMCO provide leverage up to 4x for equity delivery trades.

      With this SAMOC offer CO feature with additional margin and loan against shares where you can pledge holding to get additional margin funding which is missing in 5paisa.

    3. Account opening

      This is one of the foremost factors that contribute to the attraction of the customers. The feature of free trading account opening, however available only with SAMCO but not with 5Paisa, pushing it to back foot in this respect. But again when it comes to demat account opening, both SAMCO & 5Paisa opening a free demat account and charging Rs 400 PA for demat AMC.

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    5. Trading Platform comparison

      The world has become convenient and stuck in a single thread with the evolution of online works. Now, all the important formalities and official works, eve trading is done on online portals. So to flow with trends, online brokerage houses are created. Both SAMCO and 5Paisa has their own mobile trading app namely SAMCONOTE& 5Paisa mobile app.

      In fact, 5paisa have some extra facilities that SAMCO trading app lacks. Anyone having the mobile app of 5Paisa can open a new account through just the mobile app itself which feature is absent in the SAMCO’s STOCKNOTE app.

      But when it comes to STOCKNOTE, the artificial intelligence of it is highly superior to the 5Paisa in all respects. The 5Paisa’s app got features like ‘Auto Investor’ which takes smart input for the clients for mutual funds investment by observing demographics, risk profiles whereas STOCKNOTE lacks this feature.

      Though both of the apps got efficient charting features, there is no doubt that loading of charts takes place much slower in 5Paisa that can be irritating. STOCKNOTE Giga Trading Engine give user current market insights where 5paisa research is a paid service and need to buy on extra cost.

    6. Customer Support

      No brokerage firm can flourish without the support to the customers. Customers are the main factor for the profit of a company and thus a brokerage firm too needs to be customer friendly and attend to them whenever they try to reach the company. Both the company are providing best in class customer service via phone support, email support and online school/tutorials/online video demonstration/online FAQ and many more.

    7. Product Comparison

      Both of the brokerage firms has got some flawless products in respect to the field. Equity trading, Futures, Options all are there but the difference lay in just two respects. 5Paisa lacks the facility of commodity trading while SAMCO does have it. Again, SAMCO doesn’t have any area to trade in Mutual Fund but 5Paisa has this in a well-distinguished manner. On the other hand, 5Paisa allows SIP even through their mobile app, but SAMCO doesn’t have any such products. SAMCO lacks the area in insurance investments, which has been complementarily resolved by the 5Paisa.

    8. Beneficial services

      Keeping in mind, the suitability and benefits of customers, every brokerage house should provide some additional attractions that would drive people towards them. Besides providing referral bonus by both SAMCO and 5Paisa, the later has got some more seriously noticeable profits that their customers can enjoy. The 5Paisa give 30 days free service for their research desk, which is 3rd party research and paid service offered by 5paisa, where SAMCO is giving a free market update and notification from the market with Giga trade engine.

    9. Call n Trade Charges

      This is a very important service for online brokers as they don't have branches for local support and in case of technology issue, clients can use Call n Trade service. Both the above-mentioned brokerage have call n trade facilities but the charges of the facility for 5Paisa is extremely higher(Rs 100 per call) than SAMCO. SAMCO provides first 20 calls for free. SAMCO lets this facility to take place in just 20 Rs fee.

    10. Multi-Market in a single display

      Though may seem unordinary, but SAMCO provide an extensive feature of multi-market display in just a a single screen, providing trade facility in Equity, Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, and Commodities, all in one frame, with just a single touch. 5Paisa doesn’t have this facility.

    11. Transaction charges

      The turnover charge or transaction charge plays an important role in determining the demand of a brokerage firm since generally people will lean towards that firm only, whichever has the lowest rate. Difference is in Equity Futures - Samco - Rs 210, 5Paisa - Rs 190, Equity Options - Samco Rs 5100, 5Paisa - Rs 5000, Similarly Currency Futures and Options charges are also higher with SAMCO.

      Thus it can be seen that transaction fee of 5Paisa is lower than SAMCO, which is a positive point for the 5Paisa if you are an active trader.

    12. Trade learning School

       It’s a unique feature that is characterized by the 5Paisa only which is also named as ‘5P school’. This is the initiative taken to spread more and more unknown and known facts regarding trading, clarify the terms, nukes, and corners of trading and explaining them to beginners as well as experts just like chapters. The initiative is unique and polite and has obtained positive feedback from the users. Though in place of such initiative, SAMCO has provided audio-visual online tutorials for the beginners and experts which deserves to applaud for sure.

    13. Mutual Fund Robo Advisory

      This process of trading is getting hotter, day by day. The Robo Advisor is actually an extremely tech-savvy approach that helps you in giving you calculated and measured advice on maintaining your portfolios. This software (or rather Robot) churns out the best Mutual Fund suggestions by looking into the portfolios. This high tech and efficient service, though, is only present with 5Paisa but not with SAMCO. Thus 5Paisa turns out to be advantageous in this respect.

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    15. Single account investments

      This is yet another feature that every trader wants to pursue. It’s nothing but a facility that helps lessening the burdens of traders to open different accounts for trading in different segments, which is done away with just one account only.  This feature is present in 5Paisa which lets investments in Stocks, MF and Insurance to be accomplished via single account only. On the other hand, SAMCO provides the trading in commodity but lacks the scope for MF investments.


    It’s not quite an easy task to differentiate among two tough tussling brokerage firms, with close resemblance in each field and segments. But to get yourself the best, you need to compare and select, keeping your senses alert for every small deviation, which is exactly exposed here in the article. If you are an active trader then SAMCO is giving you more option towards leverage, margin funding, different product line, call n trade facility. Where 5paisa is good for low brokerage, total investment solution, and learning/education. The article gives an outline of the basic differences the two firms got so that it gets your notice whenever you are in a whirl.

    Last updated on 10th Jan 2019

  • Ranked #1 Broker in India(5*)
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  • Risk Free Account Opening

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