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Sovereign Gold Bond Performance

Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) first series was launched in Nov 2015. Till now almost 30+ series of SGB has been launched. Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) is the best way to invest in gold in India as you get price appreciation as well as fix interest of 2.5% PA from Aug 2016 series. For the first 5 series, the interest rate was 2.75%. The second big advantage is a cash discount of Rs 50 per gram on the average price of gold started from 2016-17 series III.

Interests on Gold bonds are paid half-yearly, so investor have recurring income from investment.

In this report, we have accumulated profit/loss from Gold Bond till date. We have calculated price appreciation as of current NSE rates and interest calculation till date.

You can invest a minimum of 1 gm unit up to 4KG per financial year. You can trade Gold Bonds on NSE/BSE, can use as collateral for loans and the bonds are issued by RBI.

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Sovereign Gold Bond Performance-Report

NSE Code Gold Bond Name Issue Date Retail Price Redemption Month Year Number of Units Interest LTP Interest Income Total P/L P/L Percent
SGB202101Sovereign Gold Bonds 2020-21-Series-I28-Apr-20204589Aar-2817728742.50% PA45600-29-0.63%
SGBMAR28XSovereign Gold Bonds 2019-20-Series-X11-Mar-20204210Mar-287573382.50% PA459717.54404.549.61%
SGBFEB28IXSovereign Gold Bonds 2019-20-Series-IX11-Feb-20204020Feb-284059572.50% PA480025.12805.1220.03%
SGBJ28VIIISovereign Gold Bonds 2019-20-Series-VIII21-Jan-20203966Jan-285221192.50% PA4651.1333.05718.1818.11%
SGBDC27VIISovereign Gold Bonds 2019-20-Series-VII10-Dec-20193745Dec-276483042.50% PA464839.01942.0125.15%
SGBOCT27VISovereign Gold Bonds 2019-20-Series-VI30-Oct-20193785Oct-276932102.50% PA4616.8147.31879.1223.23%
SGBOCT27Sovereign Gold Bonds 2019-20-Series-V15-Oct-20193738Oct-274557762.50% PA4626.2554.51942.7625.22%
SGBSEP27Sovereign Gold Bonds 2019-20-Series-IV17-Sep-20193840Sep-276278922.50% PA46256484922.11%
SGBAUG27Sovereign Gold Bonds 2019-20-Series-III14-Aug-20193449Aug-2710248372.50% PA463564.671250.6736.26%
SGBJUL27Sovereign Gold Bonds 2019-20-Series-II16-Jul-20193393Jul-275359472.50% PA455870.691235.6936.42%
SGBJUN27Sovereign Gold Bonds 2019-20-Series-I11-Jun-20193146Jun-274597892.50% PA4589.9972.11516.0948.19%
SGBFEB27Sovereign Gold Bonds 2018-19-Series-VI12-Feb-20193276Feb-272073882.50% PA4620102.371446.3744.15%
SGBJAN27Sovereign Gold Bonds 2018-19-Series-V22-Jan-20193164Jan-272436062.50% PA4640105.471581.4749.98%
SGBDEC26Sovereign Gold Bonds 2018-19-Series-IV01-Jan-20193069Jan-272078862.50% PA4550102.31583.351.59%
SGBNOV26Sovereign Gold Bonds 2018-19-Series-III13-Nov-20183133Nov-264093982.50% PA4572117.491556.4949.68%
SGBOCT26Sovereign Gold Bonds 2018-19-Series-II23-Oct-20183096Oct-263125592.50% PA4628116.11648.153.23%
SGBMAY26Sovereign Gold Bonds 2018-19-Series-I04-May-20183064May-266503372.50% PA4570153.21659.254.15%
SGBJAN26Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-XIV01-Jan-20172831Jan-263274342.50% PA4600235.922004.9270.82%
SGBDEC2513Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-XIII26-Dec-20172816Dec-251319582.50% PA4600164.271948.2769.19%
SGBDEC2512Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-XII18-Dec-20172840Dec-251112182.50% PA4638171.581969.5869.35%
SGBDEC25XISovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-XI11-Dec-20172902Dec-25816142.50% PA4551175.331824.3362.86%
SGBDEC25Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-X04-Dec-20172911Dec-251073802.50% PA4630175.871894.8765.09%
SGBNOV25IXSovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-IX27-Nov-20172914Nov-251055122.50% PA4600176.051862.0563.90%
SGBNOV258Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-VIII20-Nov-20172911Nov-251356662.50% PA4580.01181.941850.9563.58%
SGBNOV25Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-VII13-Nov-20172884Nov-251751212.50% PA4589180.251885.2565.37%
SGBNOV25VISovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-VI06-Nov-20172895Nov-251533562.50% PA4624.19180.941910.1365.98%
SGBOCT25VSovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-V30-Oct-20172921Oct-251740242.50% PA4650182.561911.5665.44%
SGBOCT25IVSovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-IV23-Oct-20172937Oct-253789852.50% PA4607183.561853.5663.11%
SGBOCT25Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-III16-Oct-20172906Oct-252648152.50% PA4605.64187.681887.3264.95%
SGBJUL25Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-II28-Jul-20172780Jul-2523499532.50% PA4601.05191.122012.1772.38%
SGBMAY25Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18-Series-I12-May-20172901May-2520276952.50% PA4581217.571897.5765.41%
SGBMAR25Sovereign Gold Bonds-2016-17-Series-IV17-Mar-20172893Mar-2522208852.50% PA4635229.031971.0368.13%
SGBNOV24Sovereign Gold Bonds-2016-17-Series-III17-Nov-20162957Nov-2435980552.50% PA4660258.741961.7466.34%
SGBSEP24Sovereign Gold Bonds-2016-17-Series-II23-Sep-20163150Sep-2426158002.75% PA4660310.411820.4157.79%
SGBAUG24Sovereign Gold Bonds-2016-17-Series-I05-Aug-20163119Aug-2429530252.75% PA4689.99321.651892.6460.68%
SGBMAR24Sovereign Gold Bonds-2016-Series-II29-Mar-20162916Mar-2411197412.75% PA4660.3327.442071.7471.05%
SGBFEB24Sovereign Gold Bonds-2016-Series-I08-Feb-20162600Feb-2428708082.75% PA4700303.872403.8792.46%
SGBNOV23Sovereign Gold Bonds-2015-Series-I26-Nov-20152684Nov-239135712.75% PA4760325.992401.9989.49%

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Last updated on 27 May 20

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