Best Stock Brokers by Monthly Plans in India-2020

Last updated on 7th Nov 2019
by Team Top Share Brokers

Best Brokers by Monthly Plans in India

Monthly Trading Plans, Unlimited Trading Plans or Fixed Plans all are same where by paying monthly fees to brokers, one can trade unlimited without the worry of volume or size of trade in a month. Usually, monthly plans are charged by segments - (Equity - Intraday, delivery, F&O, currency or commodity). For example, pay Rs 899 PM to trade unlimited in Equity, Rs 999 to Trade unlimited on Commodity, Rs 499 to Trade unlimited in Currency. The Monthly Plan charges per month fix fee, depending on a broker to broker.

Please find below "Best Stock Brokers by Monthly Plans in India" or "Top 5 Brokers by Unlimited Trading Plans"


Rated-4/5 Overall

ProStocks Best Stock Brokers by Monthly Plans in India

Prostocks, a discount broker in India offers monthly and yearly plans for equity, equity derivative and currency segment. Prostocks monthly plan is fixed at Rs 899 per month for unlimited trading in equity and equity derivatives on one exchange. Similar plan is there for unlimited currency derivatives trading at Rs 499 per month on one exchange.

Yearly plan is fixed at Rs 8999 annually for equities and equity derivatives on an exchange and at Rs 4999 for unlimited currency derivatives trading on an exchange.

Special Offer:ProStocks offer FREE Trading + Demat Account (NO AMC). You can trade unlimited in equity segment for Rs 899/month or choose Rs 15 per trade plan. Thereby saving up to 90% on brokerage. ProStocks also offer Rs 0 Demat AMC with one time Rs 1000 refundable deposit.

SAS Online

Rated-4/5 Overall

SAS Online Best Stock Brokers by Monthly Plans in India

SAS Online offers the cheapest monthly plans and is pioneer in the industry.

SAS Online monthly plans are as follows

  • Unlimited trading across NSE Cash, BSE Cash and NSE for fixed monthly plan of Rs 999
  • Currency trading at fixed price plan of Rs 499 per month.
  • Commodity trading at fixed price plan of Rs 999 per month.

Special Offer:Get up to 20% on referral bonus, free trading tools.


Rated-3.5/5 Overall

TradePlusOnline Best Stock Brokers by Monthly Plans in India

Tradeplus offers monthly plan segment-vise. There is monthly plan for equity futures, equity options, currency futures and options and commodity futures and options.

  • Unlimited Equity Futures Trading at Rs 799 per month.
  • Unlimited Equity Options Trading at Rs 99 per month.
  • Unlimited Currency F&O Trading at Rs 99 per month.
  • Unlimited Commodity F&O Trading at Rs 99 per month.

Special Offer:Free Trading account opening for our visitors.

Indiabulls Ventures

Rated-4/5 Overall

Indiabulls Ventures Best Stock Brokers by Monthly Plans in India

Indiabulls Shubh is offering unlimited monthly trading plans for traders. The plans offer trading in respective segment with pre-paid subscription fee with margin funding facility.

  • Equity Plan- unlimited Equity Delivery & Intraday trading at Rs 1000 PM (free for first 30 days)
  • F&O Plan- unlimited Equity & Currency Derivatives trading at Rs 1000 PM (free for first 30 days)
  • Equity Plan with Margin Funding Facility- unlimited equity delivery and intraday trading with margin funding at Rs 2000 PM (free for first 30 days)


  1. 1. Does Monthly Trading Plans suitable for me?

    To find an answer for this, you need to track your trading history and find out what is your average brokerage per month on each segment as well as what is your future trading plans. If your average monthly brokerage payment is exceeding the monthly trading plan, then it's worth to switch to monthly plans.


  2. 2. Who should use monthly trading plans?

    By paying a one-time monthly fee, traders can lock their budget towards brokerage. No need to pay GST on your transactions, pay GST once a month. Monthly plans are mostly suitable to

    1. Active Traders doing multiple trades across segments including commodity, currency, and equity.
    2. High volume traders.
    3. Traders who love to trade frequently in penny stocks / small stocks.

    Detailed article on Unlimited Trading Plans.


  3. 3. How is the tax calculated in unlimited monthly plans?

    Unlimited monthly plans come with the big savings in taxes. GST (Goods and Services Tax) is only charged on the monthly fees you pay i.e. GST of 18% on (monthly fee + transaction charges).


  4. 4. Can I use advance order types with monthly plans?

    Advance order types like CO and BO are usually not included in the unlimited monthly plans since these are high leverage products. Brokers like Prostocks charges additional Rs 15 per executed order for CO. You need to check with your broker before opting for the monthly plan.


  5. 5. Do I need to pay full monthly charges if I do not trade at all in a month?

    It depends from broker to broker. Some brokers only charge if you trade in a particular month otherwise your brokerage is zero while others charge fully irrespective of you trading in a month or not.


    Brokers like Prostocks and SAS Online's monthly plans are active on a calendar month basis which means monthly plans exist till the last date of the month. You only have to pay if you execute the trade in any particular month. If no trade is executed in your account for the entire month, then the brokerage levied will be zero.


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