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    Zerodha and SAMCO, both are known as a service provider in the Indian financial market. From the provision of sophisticated and adequate client care facilities to technologically morphed trading facilities, Zerodha and SAMCO both showed their pace among the run for being the best. There is an essence that kept both at the top of the priority list of the traders. Comparison of Zerodha Kite vs SAMCO STOCKNOTE will give you a clear insight about the difference in both the Mobile App available in Android and iOS version.

    Zerodha Kite

    Zerodha is the top-ranking discount-broker in India, who lay their emphasis on revamping their services under the technological shadow. "Stockbroker meets technology" seems to be appropriate. Zerodha's service doesn't require any special mention since it's already known and accepted widely. Their own Zerodha mobile app has successfully gathered much popularity. The KITE, opened a new horizon for ultra-modern trade, on iOS, Android as well as browser platforms. Zerodha Kite has got all the convenient aspects of a seamless order placing and other trading activities.

    Key features of Zerodha Kite can be stated as follows:

    1. First of its kind; Zerodha Kite is the first trading app, has launched in 10 different regional languages. Thus, it made the understanding of the different features and aspects of the application and trade better for the native speakers.
    2. The Kite is an advanced platform that is associated with the latest behavioral analytics and visualization platform which is also known as Quant.
    3. The Kite is designed in a manner, such that it can run even on low bandwidth. (Only 175th of internet’s bandwidth)
    4. Convenient search box access. That means you will be able to access exchanges, contracts and all just by one single search box.
    5. Punctuality is abundant in the app. The app delivers timed notification about order completion, cancellation, etc.
    6. Seamless and speedy functioning while buying or selling panels etc.

    Zerodha kite has been introduced in the market with the utmost expectation to improve the trading services and facilities provided to their clients. Needless to say, zerodha is one of the trading applications that receive a high volume of trade input every day.


    Inaugurated in the year 2015, the discount broker SAMCO witnessed sharp growth in their customer count. Situated in Mumbai, SAMCO introduced STOCKNOTE mobile trading app for the first time in March 2018. STOCKNOTE is a full version of the trading platform available on your mobile.

    STOCKNOTE is a mobile app from SAMCO, which is laced with some notable features:

    1. The STOCKNOTE has a unique feature called Guest login. With this feature, a trade can wonder and access the different features of the app, without actually creating an account.
    2. They claim to provide the search algorithm that helps one to browse different contracts accompanied by a srike price, call/put or expiry date.
    3. Wide ranges of technical indicators are available with STOCKNOTE. The number ranges to around 100+.
    4. Giga Trading technology based app would help the traders and investors get assistance in making quick decisions.
    5. Quite a seamless trading app and of course way better than the previous versions of SAMCO.
    6. Traders are able to reap potential profits with the help of triggers and market alerts.

    STOCKNOTEhave some limitation for the professional traders, since there may be some of the features that are either missing or is not available. Apart from that, STOCKNOTE is shaped on a modernist outlook with all prior facilities and technologies, which were otherwise not present in the previous version.



    In spite of the close tussle between both for the determination of the best, each of them possesses individual drawbacks that make them count over the other. In bringing out Zerodha Kite vs STOCKNOTE, we can approach on the basis of the following aspects:

    Differentiable points Zerodha Kite SAMCO STOCKNOTE
    Guest Login feature Kite has no guest login feature and so to use it, the trader must hold an account with Zerodha STOCKNOTE have the facility of Guest login. Thus you need not to have the account with SAMO to access ts mobile app features
    Bracket order and Cover Order Zerodha Kite has the features of BO, CO, AMO, and regular order types. STOCKNOTE doesn’t possess either of them.
    Instead of them, it has the AMO, Limit Order, GTD orders, etc.
    Stock tips & market reports Zerodha Kite doesn’t provide any such research reports or all round stock tips. STOCKNOTE provides a thoroughly dug and researched market report, recommendation, and stock tips too.
    Trigger alert Zetodha doesn’t have trigger alerts. For alerts, Zerodha has a separate app called SENTINEL. STOCKNOTE has both personalized as well as bundled trigger alert. These price alerts can be set conveniently between a range of 1 day to 6 months.
    Availability in different versions Zerodha Kite is made available in the Web version, Mobile android as well as iOS app and as simple HTML/JSON API. STOCKNOTE is mainly available in Android and iOS and recently it is claimed to have launched its web-based version.
    Linguistic availability Zerodha Kite is the first trading apps to have 11 different regional languages, making it convenient for the native people to do trading in their mother language. No such diversity is available in Stocnote. It has only English.
    Mutual Fund investment platform Zerodha Kite has Mutual fund investment via Zerodha Coin. STOCKNOTE has no facility available for investment in Mutual Funds.
    Internet Bandwith Usage Zerodha Kite has been devised in such a way that it can run even on bandwidth, as low as 0.5 kbps. STOCKNOTE lags sometimes when the internet connectivity strength is down; certainly, it doesn’t have a good low bandwidth running system.
    Margin Funding No margin funding facilities are available with Zerodha Kite Prior to other competitors, STOCKNOTE does have a margin funding facility.
    Intelligent trading engine Zerodha Kite is not built on any such intelligent and proprietary trading engine. Giga Trading engine is the core artificial intelligence, that can identify and sort out suitable opportunities, on a real-time basis and can present the finally churned data to the users for easy access.


    Leaving out the tussle between the Zerodha Kite & STOCKNOTE, and focussing on each of the individual mobile trading apps, we can reach the conclusion that both have proven their worth among the all other prevalent trading apps. Zerodha Kite has been one of the most popular apps in India in terms of every aspect. It's totally integrated and low-bandwidth platform for seamless trading. Considering a few facts like unavailability of IPO section and some others, there are lots of good points to be taken into account like, it possesses 100+ indicators, sophisticated and specific charting system, convenient and smart widgets and lots more. In the same way for STOCKNOTE, besides issues like frequent lag and others, STOCKNOTE is the most powerful app of all the time of SAMCO. But while speaking on Zerodha Kite vs STOCKNOTE, a genuine trader would prefer to have Kite over STOCKNOTE due to its ultramodern and seamless interface, while some people (mostly newbies) would like to use STOCKNOTE because of its simple user interface, guest login feature and advanced trade engine for sophisticated services.

    Last updated on 18th May 2019

  • Ranked #1 Broker in India(5*)
  • Get 100% Free Delivery Trading
  • Risk Free Account Opening

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