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Zerodha Coin ( is a dedicated platform from the Zerodha for investing in direct mutual funds in India.

The Zerodha coin app is easily available on both mobile platforms – Android and iOS – as well as on the web also. With the accessibility of Zerodha Coin, you have the facility to invest in Direct Mutual Funds. In this compelling industry, Zerodha is not getting any commission from AMC. They have a tie-up with more than 30 AMCs to distribute direct Mutual Funds.

In the nascent stage, Zerodha Coin was a paid service. As per notice from Zerodha, dated August 24, 2018, the trading is absolutely free to invest in Mutual Funds. All your Mutual Fund holdings will stay in Zerodha Demat Account. To avail of this service, the Zerodha Demat account is mandatory.

Zerodha recently removed depository charges also. With that when you redeem your mutual fund you don’t need to pay depository redemption charges which was Rs 8 + Rs 5.50.

You can add more value to your knowledge base on mutual funds by subscribing to their official Youtube channel:

Zerodha Coin Review

Zerodha Coin has been advertised as a trademark for Direct Mutual Fund Investment. Although, the company has launched a separate Mobile App for Mutual Fund investors for different mobile platforms by the name of Coin by Zerodha.

  1. You can download Zerodha coin android app from here: Coin Android Download
  2. For iOS users, Coin by Zerodha is available on: Coin iOS Download
  3. If you are unable to fetch the mobile application from the above links, then the third possible way to get the application is from their official website: Zerodha Coin

As you have the Zerodha coin app on your mobile phone, you have accessibility to invest in Mutual Funds whenever you want.

Features of Coin Mobile App are as follows

  1. Nowadays, investors want leeway to structure their investments accordingly. This freedom is offered by Zerodha Coin. The investors have the benefits to create, update, and pause their SIP investments at any time.
  2. The investors can keep a close analysis of their portfolio and NAV details with this mobile App.
  3. As you have tax saving ELSS funds in your portfolio, Coin by Zerodha provides you access to the online investment option on your mobile app. The best feature of the application is that the tax documents are readily available on Coin App.
  4. Your mutual fund account can be easily linked to your UPI payment gateway, and you can start performing the transactions instantly.
  5. No hassle in accumulating your transactions of mutual funds, stocks, ETFs and bonds, as all the portfolio details are reflected on one page, i.e., Zerodha Coin statement.
  6. A plethora of Asset Management Companies (30+) and Direct Funds (3000+) are offered on Coin by Zerodha.
  7. All of your MFs are held in a Demat format so it's easy to pledge your funds to get a loan against securities.

If you like to start investment with Zerodha Coin, Please leave your information here and Zerodha representative is going to contact you ASAP.

Pros of Zerodha Coin

  1. Being India's first discount brokerage, Zerodha Coin offers Free Mutual funds investment zone.
  2. This platform is from a trustable broker – Zerodha.
  3. Invest directly with Zerodha.
  4. At your one request via NACH (National Automated Clearing House), it has become quite handy to start, increase, decrease or stop your SIP value.
  5. Easily set your trading orders or instructions in the present for the future. When the NAV level will attain the amount set by you, then automatically, you can buy or redeem your order.

Cons of Zerodha Coin

  1. You should have a robust knowledge base of the financial market as no advisory is offered from Zerodha.
  2. There is a prerequisite of the Demat account to perform the trading. Therefore, you should have a Demat account with Zerodha, which means there will be Annual Maintenance Charges.

Last updated on 31st Jan 2020



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  1. 1. Why to invest in Direct Mutual Funds?

    Describe the difference between Direct and Regular Mutual Funds?

    On the behest of SEBI in 2013, it was made mandatory for the Asset Management Companies to offer Direct Mutual Funds in which investors can invest in the scheme without involving any brokers, agents or distributors. This resulted in the non-payment of any commission to the aforementioned entities.

    From that period, the convoluted process of Mutual Funds was bifurcated into Regular & Direct Plans.

    Being an investor, you can select the investment scheme according to your financial requirements, i.e., Regular or/and Direct Plan. Both plans seem identical: your money will be invested in the same fund, managed by the same fund manager, the fund will have the same risk. So, what’s the difference between direct and regular mutual funds?

    The critical difference is of the intermediary involved in both schemes.

    1. Regular Mutual Fund plans have the middlemen (intermediary) in between the investors and Asset Management Companies (AMCs). This means that the investor has to pay commission or advisory fees to AMCs, which results in a rising expense ratio.
    2. Conversely, Direct Mutual funds don't allow any middlemen (intermediary) in between the investors and Asset Management Companies (AMCs). In this plan, the investor doesn’t have to pay any brokerage amount which results in a lower expense ratio.

    Reliance Money Manager fund with regular plan having expenses .55%, rated 2 stars and return since launch is 8.37% as of April 14th 2017 by valueresearchonline.

      Mutual Fund Regular Plan

    Where Reliance Money Manager fund with direct plan having expenses .23% rated 3 stars and return since launch is 9.13% as of April 14th 2017 by valueresearchonline.

      Mutual Fund Direct Plan

    In Regular plans, distributor charges commission of 1.5% (Approx), upfront, and 1%(Approx) every year from your investments. This commission will start from day one of your investment until you redeem your complete investment. So if you are SIP investor investing every month, then you are paying a very big amount as commission to your distributor.

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  2. 2. Why should an investor choose the Zerodha Coin Direct Mutual Fund investment service?

    Below discussed are the vital points in favor to choose Zerodha Coin for Mutual Fund Investment by you:

    1. You have the facility to invest in Direct Mutual Fund plans - so no commission charged on your investment.
    2. On a single platform, you have access to over 30+ Asset Management Companies (AMC).
    3. The holding of MF in a Demat format so can be a pledge for a loan.
    4. Since all your holdings are in one place, the nominee of demat can claim the holdings in case of any unforeseen instance.
    5. All investments tracked under a single platform so single capital gain statement, P&L.
    6. Structure your SIPs as per your will – start or stop, and increase or decrease SIP values at will whenever you want.

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  3. 3. How much Zerodha Coin charges to the investors investing in its Direct Mutual Fund Service?

    Zerodha offers Coin as a free service to the investors. The investors can invest in more than 30+ AMCs in Direct mutual fund schemes and manage a single login for all your mutual fund investment.

    In this cut-throat competition, none of the other brokers are providing this free facility. Considering the operations of other brokers in the market, they provide a Free Mutual Fund Account for investment in Regular Plans with them, for which the investor has to pay huge commissions. The broker gets an extra commission paid by the investors as the reward from AMC.

    If you want to save the broker's commission then the direct mutual fund is the only solution for you.

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  4. 4. How to invest in Mutual Fund with Zerodha?

    The primary step to follow to invest with Zerodha Coin is to initiate Zerodha Mutual Fund Account along with Zerodha Demat Account.

    If you already have a trading and demat account with Zerodha, you can log in into Coin. User ID and password will be the same as your Kite credentials.

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  5. 5. How to place an order to buy Mutual Fund through Zerodha Coin?

    Investors can preset buy or sell orders of mutual fund units based on a particular NAV price. This is called a Conditional Order. Once the price is triggered, the order would be executed. Unlike stocks where price changes every second, the NAV (Net asset value) price of mutual funds changes only once at the end of every trading day. Orders placed to buy or redeem a fund are typically executed based on the NAV price of the next trading day.

    These orders are good or valid until canceled. An email alert is sent as soon as any conditional order is placed. This will ensure that you don't have to keep checking NAV prices and can run your investments in MF in an auto mode.

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  6. 6. What options I have to invest with Zerodha Coin?

    Investors can choose from various buying options for Mutual Fund. Such as one-time investment (lump sum payment) or systematic investment plan SIP.

    SIP or systematic investing plan is when you invest small periodical amounts instead of lump sums. On the Zerodha MF platform, you can start as many SIPs as you want with a click of a button without having to sign any mandate forms.

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  7. 7. Is there any charges on the selling of Mutual Fund from Zerodha Demat Account?

    As per official notice from Zerodha, now all there are No Cost DP charges applicable to fund redemptions.
    Read the official statement from the company here: Zerodha Notice

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  8. 8. Is it worth investing with Zerodha Coin as compared to other brokers?

    Zerodha Coin has a number of advantages while considering the other brokers in this industry:

    • The facility of Direct Mutual Funds: You can easily invest in all mutual funds via Zerodha Coin and most interestingly, you don’t have to pay any commissions to any intermediary. Hence, you can enjoy a higher return on investment.
    • Fungible Funds: All of you purchased mutual funds that go into your Demat account that is fungible in nature.
    • Single Dashboard: Your every investment done in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF, etc., is generally visible on the same dashboard.
    • Flexible SIPs: Invest accordingly to your financial goals – initiate, pause, edit and stop your SIPs as per your preference.
    • Conditional SIP: NAV is a critical part of mutual funds, so Zerodha Coin allows its investors to go through the NAV of every fund and start their SIP according to it. For example, you may want to invest Rs.5000 when the NAV reduces 15% from the current level.
    • It's 100% Free - Investment is free as well as on redemption Demat transaction charges are also free.

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  9. 9. How an investor activates Zerodha Coin?

    If you have opened a DEMAT account with Zerodha, automatically, your Coin application will be activated.

    For all those investors, you have been with Zerodha before September 15, 2015, their DEMAT account would be with IL&FS.

    Firstly, the investors are required to close their DEMAT account with IL&FS. And then, apply for the Zerodha DEMAT account to initiate the working of Zerodha Coin.

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  10. 10. List down the steps to activate Zerodha Coin with the Zerodha DEMAT account?

    To change your investment platform from IL&FS DEMAT to Zerodha, the primary step to follow is to download, print and fill out the IL&FS closure letter.

    1. You can download the form from here: Downlaod
    2. To make the form filling simple, you can adhere to this link. All the guidelines are properly described here: >>Link
    3. If you are an NRI, then you can fill the form by these guidelines:

    Additionally, you have to download, print and fill out the Zerodha DEMAT application form. You can download the form from here:

    You are required to send both filled forms (IL&FS closure letter & Demat application) to the below Zerodha’s address:

      Zerodha HO

      #153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,

      Opp. Clarence Public School,

      J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078

    Your Zerodha DEMAT account will be opened within 3-4 working days of receipt of your forms by the company. The closure of the IL&FS DEMAT account can take up to 15 working days as per the company’s policies.

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3. CA Sachin Jain  7/29/2018 11:15:49 AM Reply
You can download the latest profit and loss statement for FY 17-18 on Zerodha Coin application. This is a new feature added on Zerodha Coin for easy tax filling.
2. Ankit kothari  4/4/2017 5:29:42 PM Reply
This Zerodha Coin service is really cool, I like the way he is making industry transparent.
1. Kunal  3/22/2016 5:51:21 AM Reply
Thanks Zerodha for Starting Mutual Fund service, Waiting for IPO service to start.